On April 22nd, 2023, at the headquarters of InfoPlus Co., Ltd., the seminar “Investment Market in Vietnam of Korea Fintech Businesses” took place under the chairmanship of K-Growth and the Korea Financial Services Commission (FSC).

The seminar had the participation of Mr. Jeon Yo-Seop – Director of the Korea Financial Services Commission, Mr. No Haeng Seong – Manager of K-Growth Fund, Mr. Kim Min Ho and Kim Jong Woo – General Directors of InfoPlus, Mr. Oak Il-Jin – Deputy General Director of Woori Financial Group, Mr. Kim Beak Soo – General Director of Woori FIS, Mr. Lee Yoong Mok – Representative of Kiwoom Investment, Mr. Park Deok-Gyu – Director of KB Investment, Mr. Hwang In Deok – Director of Korea Fintech Business Support Center.

With the participation of Representatives of Korea Fintech Businesses wishing to seek investment opportunities in the Vietnamese market: Cashmallow, SCM Solution, TR Corporation, Pierrot Company, SNE Company, Wehub.

Considered a typical BaaS enterprise in the field of providing ICT financial services and solutions for businesses and financial agencies, InfoPlus is a typical model for Korea Fintech Business investing in the Vietnamese market. At the seminar, representative of InfoPlus’ CEO Kim Jong Woo shared the investment story, orientation of key technology products and meaningful contributions to the development of Vietnamese Fintech market.

Make the impression in the financial technology market by the InfoCMS product – a solution that supports businesses in synchronizing simultaneously two important operations: managing customer information data and managing the business’s cash flow by a new method, displaying convenience, seamless experience, high safety and security. With InfoCMS, InfoPlus is currently an important partner of major Korean financial enterprises and banks (Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, KEB Hana Bank, etc.,) and domestic banks (BIDV, Viet A Bank). At the same time, in 2024, InfoPlus shall also continue to expand its cooperation network with banks and business partners in Vietnam.

In addition, with the InfoERP product – the number 1 Vietnamese accounting software solution, InfoPlus aims to deploy an automatic accounting system & provide additional automatic services and detect data abnormalities, provides management and business insights through the reuse of accounting data. Not only stopping at providing accounting and tax services, InfoERP shall continue to be researched and expanded into the fields of Human Resources, Marketing, Production Management, etc., in order to become an effective service for businesses, especially Korean businesses investing in Vietnam.

With a foundation of experience and successes achieved in the Vietnamese market, in the period 2023-2026, InfoPlus has been implementing the goal of expanding the market to other countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Through the discussion, experts in the field of financial technology had many valuable shares and exchanges about promotion experiences and investment activities, and at the same time saw the interest of Korea Fintech businesses to the potential Vietnamese market. In the future, the Korea Financial Services Commission, K-Growth and InfoPlus will continue to make efforts to become a bridge and companion to support Korean businesses in the investment process in Vietnam.

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