Cash Management Service for Corporate Customers

What is CMS?

Solutions for Banks to provide to corporate customers

A solution that provides services such as virtual accounts, direct debit and payroll through OpenAPI and corporate IT solutions. In the case of enterprises or securities companies, there is a form that operates or provides as WebClient.

CMS's Strength

Safety and effective cash management solution

E-collection Code

A service that supports the automatic collection management by issuing ECC codes in the form of sub-accounts belonging to the main-account for each payment purpose or for each customer according to the customer's using purpose. When companies and customers deposit money, it is automatically transferred to the main-account with out any step. And at the same time, payment information is transmitted to the company in real time.


When withdrawal from the customer's account is required, the service system supports to transfer the withdrawal automatically from customer's account to designated account.

Firm Banking

The firm banking feature provides transfer services including interbank transfer support.

Debt/Receivable Reporting

Real-time debt/receivable reporting
Updating on your income and expenses with monthly and annual reports.