Beyond Post reviewed that the development speed of InfoERP accounting software after the first 5 months of market launch was very fast.


Image of the cooperation signing ceremony between Infoplus and Duy Tan University.

InfoERP is accounting software developed by Infoplus, launched on the market in July 2021. Infoplus’ team of information technology experts in the field of financial management developed and perfected this software after 2 years and 6 months with a medium-sized domestic accounting company. The main customers that the software targets are general business companies, accounting companies and customer service companies in Vietnam.

Although Vietnam is among the highest economic growth groups in the world, many companies still process accounting manually or use solutions that do not meet international accounting standards such as IFRS. In addition, using multiple management systems at the same time is very inconvenient, affecting work productivity. Grasping the market situation, Infoplus has researched to be able to offer a standardized financial accounting management solution to solve the above difficulties. The result is the birth of InfoERP software with features that can easily perform automatic journal entries, reviews and prepare documents through big data analysis. InfoERP includes accounting, business management, sales, outsourcing, human resources management, warehouse management, service management and production management.

Currently, InfoERP is a service partner of more than 25 auditing companies and the number of customers of these companies is now 3,350. More than 40% of the companies contacted have decided to buy the software after trying it.

Infoplus also opened 02 academic institutes in Hanoi in December this year and signed MOUs (memorandum of understanding) with 5 Vietnamese universities to open joint training courses. Students after completing the course using ERP accounting software will be issued a certificate. Infoplus is actively promoting this certificate so that it can soon be seen as a tool to prove competency to employers.

In the future, Infoplus is planning to expand its market share to many other provinces and cities across the country, including Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, deploying a support plan to improve work performance for Vietnamese companies through CMS link of InfoAPI.

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