About InfoPlus​

Specializing in providing ICT and Fintech services and solutions
based on Banking-as-a-service, Open API.


With more than 5 years of business experience, excellent experts and technical engineers in the IT industry, InfoPlus is proud to be a BaaS (Banking–as–a–Service) enterprise that is always at the forefront, creatively applying trends and trends. technology direction 4.0: Open API, Cloud, Microservices, Big Data, AI, Cloud, Internet of Things, RPA… to develop international standard technology ecosystem: InfoCMS, InfoINFRA, InfoAPI, InfoERP.

Taking advantage of a modern technology ecosystem, InfoPlus helps organizations, businesses and financial agencies optimize business operations, speed up operations and improve their position in the market.


Based on IT strengths, modern human resources and continuous development efforts, we aim to become the top technology companies leading the Vietnamese market by 2030


Developing financial softwares and services according to the latest technology trends, helping other cooporations and financial agencies to successfully digitally transform and grow strongly.
At the same time, greatly contributing to the growth of the digital economy of Vietnam and Southeast Asia by providing useful value




We believe that trust is a core value for a company's sustainable development. That's why InfoPlus is focused on building trust and fulfilling all commitments to customers and partners with the most comprehensive way




Speed ​​is the foundation, the key competitive weapon that helps InfoPlus stay ahead in trends, lead in technology and move towards the era of digital future creation




With the Client-centric strategy, InfoPlus always puts the customer's needs and benefits first as the management principle. We create and provide services with a sense of responsibility and the desire to be on a global scale.




Wisdom and creativity are groundbreaking strengths in creating convenient and superior software solutions to help customers in their successful digitization process, and are a strong foundation and driving force for InfoPlus to reach the level of a global enterprise.

Management Board

Kim Min Ho


Kim Jong Woo


Jang Ki Hun


Kim Sang Woo


Kim Se Gwan


Development periods of Infoplus

Joined Vietnam’s Finance ICT market successfully

Mar. Infoplus Vietnam was founded
InfoPlus signed contract to provide info API for financial businesses

Jul Signing the contract providing firewall for Namuga

Nov Providing Front End Processor (FEP) for Lotte Finance


Joined the B2B fintech market in connection with business-finance

Mar. Made contract of infoCITY with CJ E&M
Jul. Signed MOU of IT Financial Security Strategy with FPT

Oct. MOU with Korea NFC to advance into Fintech in Vietnam

Providing scraping development service for Vietnam NICE Media Company

Selected for Dino Lab Fintech Demo Day by Woori Financial Group


Builded a platform which connect finance - business - individuals

May. Launched and managed infoBOX(scraping)
Jun. Made 5yrs contracts providing infoCITY software for PetroVietnam PSA
Founded Infoplus Korea
Jul. Upgraded infoAPI (API+Scraping) completion.
Oct. Launched accounting software infoERP

Dec. Provided ACH solution for NAPAS


Improved service quality and expanded business

Jan. year D-Camp D-Day 1st win

Jun. Infoplus first investment attraction (Value 10.5 billion, 1.5 billion KRW)

Jul. Selected by Tips and winning the government subsidy (Approximately 600 million won for 2 years)

Establishment of KEB Hana Bank branch joint network (InfoAPI)

Changing PSA infoCITY to in charge


Expanding to the Southeast Asia market

Jan. InfoPlus signed a contract to set up InfoCMS with Viet A bank
Jun. Business promotion agreement with Nice NFT Vietnam, expansion to Cambodia
Oct. MOU with Bespin Global to apply OTAC technology solutions into smart cities


Jan. Building a financial intermediary platform for Vani company

Feb. Market expansion brings InfoCMS into the Cambodian market

Apr. Providing software for Woori bank

Building server for Shinhan Finance

Jun. Project promotion with BIDV bank

Sep. Signed a cooperation contract with BIDV bank

Nov. Project promotion with IDK SQUARED CO.