The successful signing ceremony of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between BIDV and InfoPlus has opened up new opportunities for cooperation to create a breakthrough in the financial market. BIDV and InfoPlus have fully integrated BIDV’s services on the InfoPlus platform through the BIDV Open API connection, giving enterprises a modern banking service experience right on the InfoPlus platform. Enterprises can easily use banking services including: payments (transfers, salary payments, account inquiries, monitoring balance fluctuations, etc.), collections via ID accounts and real-time cash flow management right on InfoCMS and InfoERP applications.

Benefits for enterprises:

+ Process Optimization: Using banking services right on InfoCMS and InfoERP helps record and process transactions become faster and more efficient, minimizing risks and errors.

+ Enhanced Control: Enterprises can proactively monitor and control all centralized financial transactions, easily grasp the situation and comprehensively analyze and forecast financial trends.

+ Easy Integration: The service is fully integrated with enterprises’ existing financial management systems, easily converting and using new features without affecting operations.

+ Increase accuracy when processing transactions: Transactions are carried out using an ID account collection service, minimizing the risk of discrepancies in control, optimizing management and cancel debts immediately for each collection.

+ Save Time and Costs: Optimized financial processes help enterprises save operational time and significantly reduce costs, increasing competitive advantage in the market.

The combination of InfoPlus’s advanced technology and BIDV’s products and services brings outstanding efficiency in financial management for enterprises.

This is not only a big step forward in modernizing financial processes, but also a commitment to business security and flexibility.

Let’s explore and experience this breakthrough service with BIDV and InfoPlus!

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Ngày đăng 30/05/2024 - 5:32 PM

The successful signing ceremony of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between BIDV and InfoPlus has opened up new opportunities for cooperation

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