A BaaS(Banking as a service) based service that connects finance and data of various domestic and foreign institutions

Open Banking

Provide payment connection service to help businesses query, track changes in account balance, status of outbound transactions and other information on demand at any time without contact Bank

Helping large enterprises make thousands of money transfer transactions per day quickly and simply, increasing the ability to manage cash flow, saving manpower, time and costs

We establish an ecosystem for banks to serve the maximum needs of customers, at the same time expand product services and exploit new customer files



Provide businesses with methods to manage and use money effectively.

Provide enterprise's integrated fund management system on one screen via API connection from 10 state-owned banks of Vietnam.

Examples of cash management in school finance activities

Manage invoices according to your needs with our bank account management service.

  • Automatically transfer from parent's bank account to the selected bank account depending on the purpose of payment at the time, such as tuition and meals

Automated invoice system

  • Help teachers and students' parents collect/pay tuition fees conveniently.

Integrated management of student information

  • Teachers can register and control student information (such as timetable, lunch schedule, attendance...)
  • Sending an electronic notice of tuition payment instead of sending a text message or paper notice.

Accounting support tools

  • Easy to prepare documents for independent control: exporting accounting reports, confirming payment such as tuition.
  • CMS fees are segregated from proceeds for accounting management without any inconvenience.

Outstanding advantages

Our Partnership

Developing ACH gateway connecting money transfer service
Maintaining service portal for payment and money transfer
ACH service gateway development
Building solutions and developing CITAD money transfer connection and 24/7 fast money transfer system
Building a data file transfer program for card personalization
Building solutions and developing CITAD money transfer connection and 24/7 fast money transfer system