InfoINFRA – Building the InfoPlus brand with leading research, evaluation and performance optimization capabilities.

The global IT market will be worth more than $5.2 trillion by 2023, and is expected to grow at a rate of 8.4% per year in the coming years. Vietnam is also witnessing a strong boom in the IT field and cloud computing services, with a rapid growth rate of up to 10% per year.

Amid that context, InfoPlus (especially InfoINFRA) has affirmed its name thanks to its comprehensive and effective IT infrastructure services. We not only focus on researching and evaluating the current state of our customers’ infrastructure, but also on comprehensive security solutions, helping to optimize system performance and ensure stable operation of business.

InfoINFRA’s team of experienced experts and engineers has successfully analyzed each aspect of a business’s current system, thereby providing detailed and feasible security solutions. We are committed to not only helping businesses identify and resolve security issues but also ensuring stability and safety for business operations. This process not only helps customers identify potential threats but also provides effective solutions to significantly improve system performance and security.

With the rapid development of the IT industry and strong potential growth forecasts, InfoINFRA is proud to be a reliable partner, always ready to provide the most advanced and suitable solutions for customers, helping them rise and develop sustainably in an increasingly competitive and complex business environment.

Diverse services, fully addressing customers need

Strategic partners – Foundation for sustainable development

InfoINFRA not only affirms its leading position thanks to its high quality products and services, but also its solid strategic partner network. InfoINFRA’s partners are leading names in the fields of IT, banking, etc., bringing sustainable and long-term value.

SECUI – Goes beyond the concept of security solutions

In the digital era, information security becomes a vital factor for every business. Realizing that importance, InfoINFRA prouds to bring to the market security products from SECUI – Korea’s leading technology security company with the most innovative and modern features. SECUI not only provides security solutions, but is also a symbol of pioneering and modernity, helping businesses take the lead in the information security race.

With SECUI products, InfoINFRA provides businesses with the most advanced network security features. Outstanding among them is the new generation firewall BLUEMAX NGF, famous for its advanced network security capabilities in the Korean domestic market. BLUEMAX NGF has the ability to detect and automatically handle threats in IT infrastructure. This product ensures traffic visibility, application control, and prevention of illegal access through user authentication, helping business systems always operate stably and safely.

Besides, the BLUEMAX IPS feature helps businesses proactively respond to a complex and rapidly changing security environment. BLUEMAX IPS uses a high-performance threat prevention platform to inspect malicious traffic and files and optimize resource vulnerabilities. This not only ensures network security but also helps businesses comply with legal regulations, creating a solid foundation for sustainable development.

In addition, InfoINFRA also provides the new generation anti-DDoS appliance SECUI MFD and the integrated security platform BLUEMAX TAMS. SECUI MFD helps businesses defend against increasingly diverse DDoS attacks, while BLUEMAX TAMS provides risk analysis, massive log collection, direct visuality integration settings, and security policy analysis for distributed system.

As the exclusive distributor of SECUI products in Vietnam, InfoINFRA has become a trusted partner of many Korean banks, credit institutions and government agencies. We bring great value in protecting important data and information. In the future, InfoINFRA is committed to constantly innovating, improving service quality, and creating superior IT infrastructure solutions, helping businesses achieve optimal performance and sustainable development goals.

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