Method of processing personal information is a document containing regulations on procedures and methods of collecting, storing, using and providing personal information of a company or organization. This ensures transparency in the protection of personal information and needs to be drafted in an essential way to comply with legal requirements.

InfoPlus Company (from now on referred to as the “Company”) complies with personal information protection laws, specifies how personal information is handled following relevant ordinances, and makes every effort to protect users’ interests. Below is the content of the Company’s handling of personal information:

1. Purpose of processing and items of collection of personal information

Time of collection Purpose of processing Collection categories
When applying for a job on the Company website Manage candidates, conduct recruitment, save interest notifications, and recruitment questions, and communicate smoothly with candidates Name, email address. phone number, sex, locals/foreigners, check for duplicate input (DI) 
Time for recruitment



check the recruitment situation, manage recruitment support, store interest notifications, conduct recruitment, correct job applications, confirm eligibility, confirm matriculation, how to communicate with candidates, and manage disability recruitment incentives and vocational rehabilitation methods  


[Must need]

Name, password audit, email address, phone number, date of birth, sex, country, education( School name, admission year/graduate year, major, major detail, achievement, graduation classification), experience( Company name, job, duty, depart, Working time/respectively) 

Military service (if own), treatment (depend), encryption test results (depend) interview result (depend), personality test result (depend), capacity/language learned (categories, levers, score, date/ if own), supplement document (if own).   

[ Choice] 

Obstacle categories (depend).   




Upon receipt of the cooperation project( info ERP/ CMS service) Receipt of the cooperation project and reply to processing result. Company name, proposer, phone number, email address, website address( incase must need) fax (incase must need) 
When registering to try using the service and when using the service (info ERP/CMS) registering to try using the service and reply to processing result, establish and perform the contract for the use of the customer service


application in marketing and advertising of customer

name, contract number, email address; 
When apply for IR meeting Confirm yourself and ensure smooth comunication to meeting application in RL  Company name, name,duty, email, register contact address and customer access ( partner). 

In the course of using the service or processing the project the following information may be automaticly generated and collected

Type of browser and operating system of user, access record (IP Address, login time) 

The Company collects personal information by entering users’ information documents on the homepage ( and sometimes collect part of the information via email or printed documents.

2. Provision 3rd party personal information 

The Company uses personal information to the extent notified in section  “1. Purpose of processing and items of collection of personal information”, without the prior consent of the information subject, it will not be used beyond the scope or in principle do not disclose personal information to the outside. However, the following cases are exceptions:

Sometime, be able to make a job offers to candidates who have a special relationship with the company( subsidiares, affiliates, etc.). In this case, it is imperative to contact the candidate separately fist, after the candidate agrees, tranfer the application tho the Company. 

3. Storage time and information processing

Processing and storing personal information during the period of use/possession of personal information receives consent form the subject information, in the principle, if the purpose of processing processing personal information is achieved, it shall be immediately canceled.

However, the candidate’s personal information is stored in the Company manpower file for 5 years and is used regular recruitment the corresponding manpower file. Incase the candidate wishes to delete personal information, the information will be deleted immediately. 

4. Methods and procedures for destroying personal information

In principle, if personal information is achieved for the purpose of processing personal information, it will be destroyed immediately. The procedures and methods of destroying the company’s personal information are as follows.

Cancellation procedure:

How to cancel:  

5. Rights, obligations and methods of implementation of information subjects. 

The information subject may check or amend his/her registered personal information at any time and may also request deletion of the information and cessation of processing.

If you wish to delete or stop processing the information, please contact the person responsible for the protection of personal information by email and it will be processed immediately.

6. Measures to ensure the security of personal information 

The Company is seeking the following safeguards to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, distorted or damaged in the handling of personal information.

6.1. Management measures 

Prepare/implement internal management plans, periodic handler training, etc.

6.2. Technical management, access rights management, access control system settings, primary personal information encryption, 

and security program settings of personal information processing systems. 

6.3. Physically disposed 

Access control, computer rooms, document storage rooms, etc.

7. The person responsible for protecting personal information and contact numbers

Users may report all complaints related to personal information security arising during the use of your homepage to the person responsible for personal information security.

The company will promptly give a full answer about the content of the user’s declaration.

The person responsible for protecting personal information and contact numbers
The person responsible for protecting personal information about recruitment and matriculation Persons responsible for personal information protection of cooperation schemes and partners
Name: Vũ Yến Phương 

Department: Human Resources 

Position: HR Manager


Name: Kim KiMun 

Department: InfoInfra 

Position: Head of Department 


8. Other

We would like to inform you that the “personal information handling policy of InfoPlus company” does not apply to the collection of personal information by websites linked on this homepage.

For recruitment jointly implemented by InfoPlus and its subsidiaries, the personal information handling policy will follow InfoPlus and each subsidiary.

9. Changes to personal information handling policy

When there is a revision, deletion or supplementation of the content of the current personal information handling policy, it will be notified through the “notification content” on the homepage at least 7 days before the amendment. However, in case there is an important change in the rights of users such as collecting and using personal information, providing it to a third party, at least 30 days notice must be given.


Notice date: 30.09.2023 

Publish date: 01.10.2023